"Culinary Design to us means designing not only food, drinks or other comestibles but also complete brand experiences built around the palatable product: From packaging, service and distribution concepts, machines for preparation, tableware and cutlery all the way to complete food ecosystems, everything is possible!"
This includes strategic consulting for the entire culinary industry: No matter whether you produce food, beverages, cutlery or kitchen tools or if your business is in restaurants, canteens, catering, or delivery: Our long experience in concept development, customer obsession and product innovation will open new ways!
A Product design process depends on the good communication between designer and client. It is the designers´ task to take the client on a journey and carefully lead him and his product into the future, sharing his passion for form and emotion.
Research | Brainstorming | Ideation | Concepts | Designs | CAD | Modell making analogue | Presentation
One typical situation in Design/Innovation/Brand Consulting is that the client has all the right answers inside his organization: The hard job is to find the correct question (and to know the hard facts behind it)!